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Luxury Limo Hire – What Events Are Suitable

You can rent luxury limousines for almost any situation, but there are some things to keep in mind for some.

• Many forms of luxury leasing of limousine are based on one hour, half day or full day price. It may be fine, but if your events are very volatile with regard to timing and your ability to be punctual, you must discuss these in advance with the Chauffeur Company. Remember that if you have arranged a limo to say 14:00 and will not arrive until 3:30 certainly incur fees expected and in some cases the driver may be forced to leave.

chauffeur company

• If you have hired an executive vehicle, please remember that the driver may legally refuse to carry certain destinations if you find that it implies an unacceptable risk to the vehicle. Examples may include the need to cross a ford or take the vehicle away from the road to tracks etc. Do not risk here; Discuss your requirements in advance.

• Although very rarely, remember that a driver may legally refuse to transport a passenger who is dangerously drunk to the point of disability or asocial as both situations may pose a risk to the vehicle, the driver and other passengers. So if you and some partners plan a ‘binge’, keep things under control if you want to make sure your transport will drive home (of course, the same applies to taxis).

• Luxury lease with limousine is of course associated with weddings and sometimes funerals. But be sure to plan things carefully and advise on vehicle selection. For example, a darker, more quiet vehicle may be more culturally related to a funeral than an Executive Limousine ‘cut and push’ statement. Even though this type of vehicle may seem a bit “serious” if you are traveling for a critical business meeting.

• Note that if you visit an event with a very unpredictable duration (will come to mind some sporting events), it could be more profitable to organize a meal after the event and plan a pickup later than just risking a driver and a limousine will cause high wait requests if things are exceeded.

• Again it is very rare, but sometimes someone is denied access to a vehicle whose clothing is contaminated and may cause problems inside the vehicle. Keep in mind that if your event involves a lot of mud, dirt, paint and moisture, you may need to restore your clothes until they are clean before entering the shipment. Most people should not be asked to do so, but there is a rare exception.

• Animals may be problematic with regard to transportation. Some luxury leasing companies may agree to import some pets into their vehicles. Some can not. For example, if you have a very large or boisterous dog, you can expect some drivers refuse to allow their transport in certain types of vehicles.
Problems with the previous type are usually very rare, but they happen.

Normally you can avoid these problems with a human call with the rental company in advance.