Professional Private Driver Qualities of Services

Professional Private Driver Qualities of Services

Chauffeur Cars Melbourne offer professional transportation services including executive airport transfer, business trips and business purposes and for weddings. Chauffeur-driven services are very common in major cities. It is a myth that only rich people hire drivers, but anyone who wants to get rid of heavy traffic and want to be there on time destination prefers to hire drivers. In Melbourne, there is also a big driver competition and there are many drivers who provide airport transfers in and around Nice. In executive luxury cars, you feel more comfortable than other transportation services. . Now that the growing trend of hiring drivers, many companies turn out to be professional chauffeur services having executive work cars and professional team. Ease, comfort and luxury style are just some of the more chauffeur-driven service points provided by exclusively chauffeur-driven.

Professional Private Driver Qualities of Services

There is a lot of competition in this field in order to be better and to improve the services, there are some exclusive services provided by Chauffeur Cars Melbourne  and take care of the following points: 1. Rental of reliability of the SERVICES of professional DRIVER drivers for their comfort on different events. Reliability is very important in terms of chauffeur-driven services. Chauffeur Cars Melbourne  with chauffeur services provide fast transportation. For example, if a businessman hires a driver then he gives his schedule all day so his driver’s duty to enforce his schedule all on time. It’s the same with other events like car rental weddings, social events, airport transfers and business trips. All of these services are provided by the company effectively to enhance reliability.

Customer service for a successful business customer service, excellent driver is the key point. For this purpose My Chauffeur Executive cars have formed the team who knows how to deal professionally with their customers and how to entertain and provide satisfactory services.

Safety driver while providing services, safety is the first priority. Our drivers carefully follow the rules of the road and the car.

QUALITY vehicle quality vehicles matter a lot for the success of the business. As if a person is renting a chauffeur service then he expects luxury and transfer executive cars. Vehicle maintenance is very important that your business all depends on it. Also, cleanliness is very necessary and if you can afford it then replace old vehicle with a new one to maintain high standards.

Personal knowledge driver A should be confident and polite. He should have the knowledge of all places to provide the best experience to customers. If he has adequate knowledge, then he can easily suggest different places for the client and this thing certainly boosts his credibility. Our company hires professional drivers who meet all these needs.

Personal appearance of personal appearance counts a lot in terms of chauffeured services. A driver must be in uniform properly to give a professional appearance. This will give a perfect impression for the customers.

PUNCTUALITY people renting executive working cars for their comfort, and are on time on different events, nice, airport transfers, wedding car rentals, and meetings etc. Punctuality is the key element for a successful chauffeur service . A driver needs to make sure he should be there before the time instead of customers.

GOOD behavior of the driver must be polite and professional. It should accommodate all the needs of its customers. It should be neat to provide the best and up to the service mark.

EXPERIENCE Experience is very important for the best driver services as there is a lot of competition in this area. More will be the experience, less the risk of accidents and other errors. Our more professionally experienced car drivers who enhance the overall quality of the trip as an experienced driver have good driving skills and good geographical knowledge.

Conclusion Above mentioned features are the key elements for perfect chauffeur-driven services and distinguish this one from professional and experienced drivers. If a driver develops all these traits, then his job will be easier. Chauffeur Cars Melbourne  develops all these traits to flourish their business and increase reliability.

Executive Travel with My Chauffeur George Makin

Executive Travel with My Chauffeur George Makin

My Chauffeur George Makin are company travel executive. We specialize in providing luxury cars for corporate events, airport transfers, weddings and other special occasions with chauffeur. Our hand picked pilots are all fully CRB checked and stylishly dressed. There is a lot of competition in this business as the growing trend of driver services and many companies in the AUSTRALIA  provides considerable services in this area. These companies offer luxurious vehicle professionals as well as well trained drivers. They provide transportation services on different occasions such as weddings, corporate and social events, airport transfers, etc. we can say it also luxurious and administration of the transport services allowing you to relieve and comfort.

Executive Travel

People hire drivers for different purposes. But, in order to hire a good driver for perfect services is very important. In this most challenging competition in this field what make a company different are its exclusive services. My Chauffeur George Makin offers exclusive services to their customers and has great back foods that make them great and perfect. Car rental in the surrey and surrounding on different events, My Chauffeur George Makin is a big name of luxury cars with driver in Nice, FR. In this most challenging competition in this field what make a company different are its exclusive services.

Executive Travel with My Chauffeur George Makin

My Chauffeur George Makin offers exclusive services to their customers and has great back foods that make them great and perfect. Car rental in the surrey and surrounding on different events, My Chauffeur George Makin is a big name of luxury cars with driver in Nice, FR. In this most challenging competition in this field what make a company different are its exclusive services. My Chauffeur George Makin offers exclusive services to their customers and has great back foods that make them great and perfect. Car rental in the surrey and surrounding on different events, My Chauffeur George Makin is a big name of luxury cars with driver in Nice, FR.

TEAM Professional The company has a trained and professional team that work in a wise step to give better services in accordance with customer requirements.

SERVICES in different exclusive events the company provides services according to the event such as wedding car hire, airport airport transfers, business meetings, etc. First of all only what regards it on what purpose you want the services. If the company can provide better and exclusive services depending on the event.

VARIETY of vehicles after this team of companies provides you with the details of the vehicles and guides its customers according to the requirements of the event while the customer can easily select the vehicle according to their budget. The selection of vehicles that depend on all events like wedding car rental, transfer to the airport executive or business or social events. My Chauffeur George Makin tried to satisfy the customers in the direction of the fleet which includes Mercedes E class, Mercedes Vito 8 seater and Jaguar X Type. We provide our customers with a vehicle more suited to their needs.

TIME of SERVICES in a timely manner is very important and hire drivers to ensure the safety of people their time. We make sure the drivers are before the deadline and also try to meet the customer’s schedule in time.

SAFETY Safety is the first priority for one, so our well-trained drivers have allowed and take care of the safety of the customers.

COMFORT and ease for better comfort with driver and are two fundamental elements that should provide customers. Our professional drivers offer a comfortable environment that gives ease to the customer.

CONCLUSION We conclude that My Chauffeur George Makin provides exclusively what their customers need in a different way according to the requirements.

Airport transfer makes your special events like valentines, receptions, birthdays, weddings, concerts etc. serve business environments effectively 24 hours a day corporate accounts available all these affordable quality services make business different from other companies. So enjoy executive and luxurious travel services.



Does the company you are dealing with have their own vehicles and drivers?

There are many companies that offer limousine or transportation services globally, through out Australia or use marketing to look like they service a specific area.

Beware! Many of these companies do not have their own vehicles and drivers.

They have « associates » who they have never met or seen their vehicles. These associates bid on doing the transfer. The lowest bid gets the transfer and the reservation company gets the spread as profit between what they charge to the customer and the price the lowest bidder (associate) is willing to accept for the transfer.

Though often there may be some controls in place regarding the age or type of vehicles that the reservation company may accept, you are taking your chances on what you will get for what you pay for.

Where is the company that you are reserving from located?

You will want to choose a company located either at your departure or arrival destination.

Does it make sense to use a New Zealand company for a Australian to Australian transfer? How about a company located in Melbourne, the Perth or Sydney for a transfer far away from those locations?


To check, you can type into a search engine the contact telephone numbers and find out what location that company is located in.

*Is the vehicle being offered appropriate for your needs, comfort, terrain or weather conditions?*

We only use 4X4 Mercedes Vianos for ski resort transfers. Do not take unnecessary risks with vehicles that are not made for the steep and challenging mountain conditions. Many companies will try to get your business by offering the cheapest vehicle possible.

Yes perhaps cheaper to use a minibus for 8 passengers with luggage and ski gear than reserving 2 Vianos, but it is a big risk for getting stuck and missing your flight or having to hike from where the vehicle is stuck in the snow to your hotel through the snow. We want our customers to be entirely satisfied with our service and will not offer the wrong type of vehicle. If you want comfort, proffesionalism, cleanliness, safety and reliability reserve with us.

Customer service and satisfaction

A good limo company will consider the comfort of their clients and supply all the nesessary items to ensure comfort.

Does the limo company you are dealing with consider your comfort and ask you if the temperature is okay or if you are comfortable and need anything?

Do they provide complimentary bottles of water, kleenex and clean pillows? Is the vehicle clean inside and out? Is your transfer a private transfer or shared with others you don’t know? Are the baby seats the appropriate size for your age of baby and clean?

When entering Australia for all long distance transfers your driver must stop at the Australian customs and pay the transport taxes to them. Many companies do not pay and the penalties can be high and cause large delays if caught abusing this system.

If your driver drives straight through customs with out stopping then you know you have a company that is trying to make extra money from cheating the system. This may or may not be a concern for you but they are taking a risk with your time if caught as there will be delays.

For all long distance transfers your driver should have with them a reciept that they have paid the taxes and this reciept must stay in possession of the driver the entire time they are in France. They should have no problem showing this proof to you if requested.

It really is not fair to the legitimate companies to try and compete against companies cheating the system to offer a lower price or to make extra profit.

*Offering realistic advice for transfer times *

Companies making these transfers often, should be the experts in helping to determine a realistic pick up time for returning to the airport.

A good company should be able to help you get to the airport in time for your flight and refuse transfers where unrealistic expectations are demanded by the client. There is no shortage of companies out there willing to tell the client what ever the client wants to hear to get their business. A good company will be honest with their client and let them know if they have any concerns about departure times to the airport.

Why Use Limousine Services

Why Use Limousine Services

Use Limousine Services it is a common-held notice that using a limousine for your event transportation is something only the rich can afford. Limousine is associated with wealth and high standards. So many people believe that to hire a limousine you need to at least be a wealthy person. However, in the modern world, it is not necessary to be wealthy to hire a limo. Limo car hire is no longer for the rich. In Melbourne, you can find affordable limos and cheap chauffeur driven cars for hire. This means you can visit new places and have an enjoyable experience.

It is fortunate that travelers around Melbourne, Australia and the surrounding areas can get to enjoy limousine drives wherever they want to go. Imagine being picked up from your doorstep and driven to your event safe and sound? Imagine somebody waiting for you’re at the Melbourne airport, take care of your luggage and take you through the busy streets of Melbourne with you having to hustle your way. There are various reasons why you need a limo hire service whenever you arrive in Melbourne.

Use Limousine Services Instead of Taxi Service

After you arrive at the airport, chauffeur cars hire Melbourne, private car transfer Melbourne or limo airport transfer Melbourne services will provide you with services like no other. You will be picked up right in time, the chauffeur will open the door for your hire limousine and chauffeur car and your luggage will be towed to your door step. The same happens when you are leaving for the airport, the chauffeur will arrange for everything you need so that you can be at the airport in time. Either arriving or departing, you are guaranteed a stress-free ride.

Why Use Limousine Services

Another reason for hiring a limousine is if you are in Melbourne for corporate reasons. There has never been more competitive and exciting way to attend to your business event that using a limousine. At My Chauffeur, we have exclusive luxury car hire services from where you can pick the limo you want to use. You can use hummer hire, Chrysler limo, stretch limo, town car and other exotic limos for your corporate events. You can hire private chauffeur Melbourne cars or our private driver Melbourne for an exclusive drive to your event. All our limos and chauffeured cars can fit either one person or a greater number of passengers depending on your demands.

When considering hiring a limo service in Melbourne, luxury car hire Melbourne and luxury chauffeur Melbourne are truly the leaders in luxury cars. Both of these services are offered by My Chauffer’s company that has established itself as the best limo service and chauffeur service in Melbourne. Our cars are exclusively designed for the people of Melbourne and visitors. We have the most elegant and luxury vehicles in Melbourne and we guaranteed you a ride of your lifetime.

Once you book with us, all you have to do is sit, relax and wait for our chauffeur driven cars to pull at your packing or designed pick up point. Once you are inside the limo, you will see what we are talking about. Your chauffeured limo is always stocked with the day’s newspaper, a bottle of water, mints and other exclusive items such as music systems and a TV. Everything you will require is in the limo.

When it comes to cheap chauffeur hire or cheap limo hire Melbourne, at My Chauffeur, we have compatible prices. Some companies might disappoint you with expensive prices, but we offer our customers excellent services and compatible prices. If you are looking to hire a limousine in Melbourne, My Chauffeur offers the best chauffeured services in Melbourne.

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Welcome To My Chauffeur Cars Melbourne

Welcome To My Chauffeur Cars Melbourne

Are you looking for chauffeur car Melbourne, welcome to My Chauffeur Company. My Chauffeur George Makin takes pride in providing our clients with a 5 star chauffeur service using our modern fleet of luxury cars throughout Melbourne. My Chauffeur George Makin is the leading chauffeur car service provider in Melbourne. We offer reliable services. When it’s time to offer the highest quality chauffeur services in Melbourne, we are dedicated and committed offer quality services. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from or where you want to go or what event you want to attend. We offer our customers a premium and pristine 5-Star chauffeur cars service Melbourne. How do we do that?

Professional and well-maintained chauffeur cars

For us to provide our clients with complete chauffeur car hire Melbourne, we do not just use regular cars and drivers for our services. We use professional chauffeur cars Melbourne, limousine, party bus and hummer limos for style comfort and convenience. Whether you are looking for wedding car hire, chauffeur driven car hire Melbourne, corporate chauffeur Melbourne or private chauffeur Melbourne, you can be sure to get all that and more under My Chauffeur George Makin umbrella. We provide our customers with a complete car hire package.

The reasons why we stand out from the rest of the chauffeurs car service pack is because of what we are determined to offer our clients. We provide our clients with:

  • Experienced, trained, certified and professional drivers
  • 5-start chauffeur cars and limo services
  • Take our clients anywhere they wish to go across Melbourne
  • Fully stylish and comfortable limousine, hummer limo, town car, Chrysler limo, stretch limo and party bus among others.
  • We offer tailored chauffeur services for special occasions
  • We make it easy for our clients to hire our team and chauffeurs.

Welcome To My Chauffeur Cars Melbourne

The services we offer

Here are some of the service we offer our clients using chauffeurs car Melbourne

Airport transfers

You don’t need to overstress yourself when arriving and departing from Melbourne. You don’t need to risk running late, miss out your flight and get stuck in traffic because of transportation issues. My chauffeur will ensure you get to the airport in time for your flight stress-free and relax.

Wedding services

If you are planning for your special day and want an experience of your life, our wedding limo hire will give you the services you want. We provide wedding couples with a complete wedding chauffeur service for their big day. We will make sure you will make a statement on your wedding day by arriving in style and as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Corporate events

If you are attending any business event is Melbourne, you don’t need to get stuck in traffic or ask for direction if you get lost in the streets of Melbourne. Our professional chauffeurs are familiar with all the streets of Melbourne making sure you get to your place in time and style.

Winery and scenery tours

Do you want an experience of your lifetime and at the best of Melbourne’s winery? We can arrange for a relaxing, smooth and easy tour of the best winery that Melbourne can offer. All that will be need of you is to relax and enjoy.

If you are looking to hold a ceremony in Melbourne, visit or you are coming for business purposes, our chauffeured cars are supremely comfortable and modernly stylish for all the services you might need. Apart from being comfortable in our chauffeur driven cars, you will experience the best of professional and passionate drivers who will make sure your journey or tour is comfortable and stress-free.