How to Find the Perfect Limousine

Limousine service can be the icing on the cake for any special event. But with all the different limousine companies it can be hard to find the best for your prom or wedding. The easiest way to make sure a limousine bad experience destroys your day is not just asking some questions. By doing some research you can remove the lower limousines and choose the perfect one!

General safety

The regulations vary from one area to another: Find out if your city or state requires limousines to have special licenses. If a license is required, make sure that each company you interview has the corresponding certification. You also want to make sure that your limousine rental company is fully insured. These questions may seem to have little to do with their experience in the limousine but to ensure that the limousine service complies with the rules, knowing that you have found a limousine company honorable.

How to Find the Perfect Limo

Driver quality

As the driver is the person you will actually handle on the day of your event, make sure that any limousine company you hire only uses the best drivers. Most limousine services carry out background checks to ensure that drivers have a clean criminal record and all require secure driving records. Keeping track of these two questions will give you peace of mind and will ensure you a secure limousine trip.


Nothing can ruin a special event as fast as a limo that never comes! Find customer references and visit our booking page to find out customer opinions. Ask in particular about punctuality, contingency plans and reliability.


Mostly, limousines are stored in garages or warehouses to keep them clean, but they should never be assumed. Ask about cleaning of limousines before the event, both inside and out. Quality limousine companies always clean their vehicles before an event, but it never hurts to ask. In fact, you should always inspect the actual limousine in which you will travel if you can. That way you can control small things like the dirty doors of the door and sticky door handles. These sound like small problems, but if the door jamb leaves a dark touch on your wedding dress, it can quickly become a big problem!


Finally, you will be sure that you and your guests are comfortable in the limousine you choose. A lobster stretch may seem like a lot of fun, but it’s often hard for shorter people to get into such high vehicles, especially in dresses! On the other hand, higher people tend to enjoy the extra height of the lobster. Consider the pros and cons of different limousines, from special features to space problems, and make sure you only get the limo you dreamed about.