Does the company you are dealing with have their own vehicles and drivers?

There are many companies that offer limousine or transportation services globally, through out Australia or use marketing to look like they service a specific area.

Beware! Many of these companies do not have their own vehicles and drivers.

They have « associates » who they have never met or seen their vehicles. These associates bid on doing the Airport Transfers Melbourne. The lowest bid gets the transfer and the reservation company gets the spread as profit between what they charge to the customer and the price the lowest bidder (associate) is willing to accept for the transfer.

Though often there may be some controls in place regarding the age or type of vehicles that the reservation company may accept, you are taking your chances on what you will get for what you pay for.

Where is the company that you are reserving from located?

You will want to choose a company located either at your departure or arrival destination.

Does it make sense to use a New Zealand company for a Australian to Australian transfer? How about a company located in Melbourne, the Perth or Sydney for a transfer far away from those locations?


To check, you can type into a search engine the contact telephone numbers and find out what location that company is located in.

*Is the vehicle being offered appropriate for your needs, comfort, terrain or weather conditions?*

We only use 4X4 Mercedes Vianos for resort transfers. Do not take unnecessary risks with vehicles that are not made for the steep and challenging mountain conditions. Many companies will try to get your business by offering the cheapest vehicle possible.

Yes perhaps cheaper to use a minibus for 8 passengers with luggage and ski gear than reserving 2 Vianos, but it is a big risk for getting stuck and missing your flight or having to hike from where the vehicle is stuck in the snow to your hotel through the snow. We want our customers to be entirely satisfied with our service and will not offer the wrong type of vehicle. If you want comfort, proffesionalism, cleanliness, safety and reliability reserve with us.

Customer service and satisfaction

A good limo company will consider the comfort of their clients and supply all the nesessary items to ensure comfort.

Does the limo company you are dealing with consider your comfort and ask you if the temperature is okay or if you are comfortable and need anything?

Do they provide complimentary bottles of water, kleenex and clean pillows? Is the vehicle clean inside and out? Is your transfer a private transfer or shared with others you don’t know? Are the baby seats the appropriate size for your age of baby and clean?

When entering Australia for all long distance transfers your driver must stop at the Australian customs and pay the transport taxes to them. Many companies do not pay and the penalties can be high and cause large delays if caught abusing this system.

If your driver drives straight through customs with out stopping then you know you have a company that is trying to make extra money from cheating the system. This may or may not be a concern for you but they are taking a risk with your time if caught as there will be delays.

For all long distance transfers your driver should have with them a reciept that they have paid the taxes and this reciept must stay in possession of the driver the entire time they are in France. They should have no problem showing this proof to you if requested.

It really is not fair to the legitimate companies to try and compete against companies cheating the system to offer a lower price or to make extra profit.

*Offering realistic advice for transfer times *

Companies making these transfers often, should be the experts in helping to determine a realistic pick up time for returning to the airport.

A good company should be able to help you get to the airport in time for your flight and refuse transfers where unrealistic expectations are demanded by the client. There is no shortage of companies out there willing to tell the client what ever the client wants to hear to get their business. A good company will be honest with their client and let them know if they have any concerns about departure times to the airport.